About The Fools

The Fool’s Agenda is a five-part blues and rock band from Salem, Massachusetts, comprised of 5 young musicians: Rhiannon Raine (vocals), Conor Reinold (guitar), Maddie Roth (keys, guitar), Jon Gray (bass) and Kamryn Bode (percussion), all between the ages of 21 and 23. Established in early 2019, they just released their debut EP of original tracks: From The Underground. The album has been described as reminiscent of the Woodstock era with a modern twist.

The Fools began out of happenstance when roommates Rhiannon and Maddie discovered their shared love for classic rock and blues during a snowstorm in Salem, Massachusetts. They began the framework of a band, writing and performing songs as an acoustic duo. Soon after, they recruited Conor and the trio wrote the demo to what would eventually become their first single, When The Sun Shines. In May, Kamryn and Jon came on to the project to complete the rhythm section, and the five began practicing, writing, and gigging, heavily inspired by both the classic rock they grew up influenced by, and by the mysticism of their home city of Salem. Described as “ethereal Woodstock”, The Fool’s Agenda strives to bring magic back to music.

Since May of 2019, The Fools have released their debut EP "From The Underground", and are in the works of appearing both on radio shows and at festivals.

Rhiannon Raine


Rhiannon grew up on Cape Cod with an instant affinity for music: as soon as she could talk, she knew she wanted to sing. While going to college for a degree in directing, she and her roommate (bandmate Maddie Roth) decided to start a band to honor their blues and rock roots. In her free time (of which there is little), she records YouTube videos for her personal channel, Raini Callahan. Her videos range from supernatural adventures with friends to vlogs with the band.

Conor Reinold

Lead Guitar

Conor has been playing guitar since he was 11, and writing original songs since he was 13 back in his hometown of Annapolis, Maryland. Both talents have come in handy when recording and producing his own music under the moniker Ronoc 'N' Roll, his solo rock project (available on all streaming services). Along with music, Conor is active in theatre at Emerson College in Boston. Incidentally, one of his first jobs after his move to Massachusetts was as a witch-trial re-enactor, which is how he came to meet Rhiannon and Maddie.

Maddie Roth

Guitar / Keys

Maddie was raised in the wilderness of Exeter, New Hampshire, which explains her love for nature and the outdoors. She loves all kinds of music, but classic rock, blues and jazz hold a special place in her heart. When she was young, Maddie taught herself how to play the piano, and now plays both the keyboard and the guitar for the band. Probably the most theater-oriented of the whole group, Maddie always seems to have another creative project going on behind the scenes when she's not jamming with The Fool's Agenda.

Jon Gray


Jon is the bassist for this group of fools, however he can also play guitar and piano, and carry a tune if need be. These talents show his love for music and his incredibly musical upbringing in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Jon's other band, Table on the Side, gigs locally, as does his father's band. As the 1st tallest and 2nd nicest member of the band, Jon knows it's his responsibility to take the reins and ground The Fools with his tasty bass lines when things get out of hand.

Kamryn Bode


His last name is pronounced {bō-day}. Don't mess that up, he is vicious if otherwise. Kamryn just shows up and hits things: that's all he says he's here to do. We've finally found a singular picture of him playing drums, but you can't see his face. Pretty sure he might be Batman, we've never seen them in the same place. He has a magical ability to take off his shirt randomly without the rest of the band seeing, which is depicted by this image. Kam is voted #1 nicest member of The Fools. The best boi.